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We always do everything with Passion

For Ladybug Is Essential To Offer An Exclusive Product To Each Client.

Theatrical Arts

The original way of acting by our actors, which singers, dancers and acrobats, is the element that concretely defines the style of our productions which guarantees the exclusivity of our products. Choreographies have a very important role in the design and creation of our shows, which, together with the musical and vocal arrangements, achieves the desired goal: to be original.

Show Technologies

The use of the most advanced technologies releated to 3D pre-production of our lighting and sound projects, guarantee the complete quality and reliability in the use of technologies in our shows and the advantages it represented. Both the design of the lights as that of the sound, are essential to create the right atmosphere and emotions during our performances. Therefore we really take great care of the technological sector as foundamental part of our shows.

Visual Effects

Following the great improvements related to the world of Visual Effects and with the support of all new technologies at disposal, our graphical team produces very impressive video contents for our shows, adapting for each different production necessity. We are able to propose all the contents on all kind of devices which can be Ledwall, Video Projections or Led Pixel Mapping.